Safety Details

Energy Performance Certificates

All rental properties are now required to have an Energy Performance Certificate available to show any prospective tenant. This certificate is provided following a survey. The survey considers the construction of the building, the heating systems installed, insulation levels and proportion of low-energy light bulbs. The result is depicted as a graph, typical of those seen on refrigerators and other such appliances in high street stores. Security Lettings Ltd will assist in securing an EPC for you

Electrical Safety

Your landlord is required by law to ensure:

  • that the electrical installation in the property is safe when your tenancy begins
  • that the electrical installation is maintained in a safe condition throughout the tenancy
  • ensure that any appliance provided is safe and has at least the CE marking (which is the manufacturer’s claim that it meets all the requirements of European law)
  • House in Multiple Occupation (HMO), have the electrics checked every five years.

To meet these requirements a landlord will need to regularly carry out basic safety checks to ensure that the electrical installation and appliances are safe and working.

In addition, Rent Smart Wales and Electrical Safety First recommend that a periodic inspection and test is carried out on all rented properties by a registered electrician at least every five years, and before any new tenant moves in.

A copy of the inspection report (known as a periodic inspection report) should be made available to the tenant. If the appliances have been checked then each electrical appliance in the property should have a PAT (portable appliance test) sticker on the plug showing the date it was tested.

Security Deposits Bonds

The Housing Act 2004 changed the rules under which security deposits are held. Landlords are now required to hold a security deposit bond in a government approved scheme. We utilise a scheme called the Deposit Protection Service to hold the security deposits at no extra charge to the Landlord. 

Consent from your Mortgage Company

Please ensure that you obtain your mortgage company’s authorisation to let the property. Security Lettings will at no extra charge provide to them a copy of the signed tenancy agreement.

Furnishings at the property 

For furniture in a rental property to comply with regulations they must carry a manufacturer’s label which must be permanent and non-detachable.

  • All upholstered items must have fire resistant filling material.
  • All upholstered items must pass the “match resistance test” as prescribed.
  • All upholstered items must also past the “cigarette test” as prescribed.
  • Bed bases and mattresses are not required to bear a permanent label but compliance will be indicated if the item has a label stating that it meets BS7177

If a property is furnished, then contents insurance should also be included with the Buildings insurance. We are able to put you in touch with an excellent insurance service for this purpose.


Security Lettings recommends that your rented property should be protected by a policy to insure against damage to any furnishing provided and fire/water damage.

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