The Act comes into force on 1 December 2022. These duties apply from the occupation date of all new contracts issued under The Act and BEFORE a contract-holder moves in.

Under this Act a property will not be considered fit for human habitation if the
property does not have:
1. Mains interlinked smoke alarms on each storey of the dwelling

2. A carbon monoxide alarm in each room which contains a gas appliance,
an oil-fired combustion appliance or a solid fuel burning combustion
appliance, and

3. The electrical service installations must be safety inspected, in accordance
with the British Standard BS7671, by a qualified person at intervals of 5
years. A copy of the condition report setting out the results of an
electrical safety inspection must be given to the contract-holder, together
with written confirmation of all investigatory and remedial work carried
out on the electrical service installation as a result of an inspection.

For tenancies converted to a standard occupation contract on the 1 December
2022 your rental must be in good repair and fit for human habitation.  As long as
your Electrical Installation is safe and your property is not high risk for fire you
have until the 1 December 2023 to arrange electrical safety testing and to install
smoke alarms.

However, this exemption does not apply once the converted contract ends
(because once vacant you can do the work before re-letting).

For all contracts from the 1 December 2022 there must be a carbon monoxide
alarm present in each relevant room; there is no exception to this requirement
even if you have a converted contract.

Occupation contracts will usually contain a term which states that a
contract-holder is not required to pay rent in respect of any day or part day
during which the dwelling is unfit for human habitation

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