The change in law for Welsh landlords is fast approaching…..are you ready?

On July 15th, the Welsh Government will introduce the Renting Homes (Wales) Act 2016. The new regulations are a minefield for landlords and could result in hefty fines or landlords being sued by tenants.

Don’t worry, we have the perfect package to give you peace of mind and save you time.

Our competitively-priced package includes:  

  • Reviewing the existing tenancy agreements
  • Consider whether the terms of the existing tenancy or licence are compatible with the terms required by the Act.
  • If terms are incompatible they must not be included and are deleted.
  • Consider whether the remaining terms of the AST are incompatible with the supplementary terms.
  • If so, the supplementary terms are removed and replaced by the existing term of the AST.
  • Any existing terms of the AST which still remain after this comparison process is undertaken will be included to form the additional terms of the occupation contract.
  • The new converted contract will now likely contain 4 sets of terms. • Key Terms • Fundamental Terms • Supplementary Terms • Additional Terms

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